How to Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

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We usually decorate homes with paintings, pottery, sculptures, antiques and more. But indoor plant decoration lends your home a unique aura.

Decorating your home with indoor plants creates a positive atmosphere at home apart from providing fresh air and a serene environment. They help you soothe your nerves after a busy day. In short, it’s a way to reconnect with nature while keeping homes decorated.

Indoor plants come in various sizes, shapes, forms, colours and textures. They range from small cacti to large palm trees. Their looks keep changing with time. Hence, they suit every decor style.

Another unique aspect of indoor plants is that they fit any room. This even includes your washroom. It’s said that well-positioned Feng-Shui plants bring positive energy flow in the house.

If you’re considering buying a luxury apartment in Hyderabad, indoor plants can enhance your living space with their natural beauty and tranquillity.

Ways of decorating your home with indoor plants

It requires an understanding of the conditions under which they’ll thrive. For example, some plants may thrive in low light while others need to stay by the window.

  1. Arrange plants in odd numbers: Do this when possible as they give a casual look.
  2. Choose plants of different sizes: When you group together plants that have different heights and widths, they present a nature-like look.
  3. Leaf shape: Different indoor plants have different leaf shapes and sizes. Grouping such plants together radiates an aura of harmony and nature.
  4. Plants with colourful leaves: You can add variety and colour to your home with indoor plants that have leaves in multiple colours. You may group the same colour leaves for a cohesive look while multiple-coloured leaves depict variety.
  5. Decorative pots: Choose decorative pots of different finishes and colours. Group the same colours or finishes to show uniformity. Or put together different finishes or colours for an eclectic finish.
  6. Indoor plant care: This is very important as good care would fulfil the very purpose of using decorative plants at home.

A healthy combination of indoor plants and good plant care would yield the desired results. 

Where to place indoor plants in your home

  1. Shelves: A favourite among interior designers. Liven up your shelves with plants that give you a fresh feeling each time you look around. Also, they loosen up the rigidity.
  2. Room dividers: Give it a finishing touch with indoor plants. Dividing your living and dining spaces it gives a light and airy feel throughout.
  3. Ceilings: Hang indoor plants of varying types, colours and heights at well-spaced intervals. Gives you a hanging garden feel. 
  4. Trees in room corners: You can position a few indoor trees in place of plants to elevate your living space. They make a statement with their huge looks.
  5. Windowsill: You can place plants that love the sunlight by the windowsill.
  6. Bed: Place air-purifying plants around your bed. It’ll help you sleep well and also lend beauty to your bedroom.
  7. Bathroom: Another great place to put indoor plants for that spa-like feel. Choose the plant according to the bathroom lighting.

There are so many more ways and places to place indoor plants throughout your home such as grouping them on an unused table. 

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