Is it the right time to invest in Hyderabad’s real estate?

Hyderabad’s real estate

Real estate and land are always valuable. Due to unforeseeable circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic, prices may go down, but that’s only temporary. Hyderabad is one of the leading cities in India to invest in real estate. It has got the highest rating in India in the quality of living index by Mercer.

Being a tangible asset, it can be sold for a higher price or can be handed down to future generations. Centuries-old big homes, farmhouses, etc., still exist. These have been handed down over centuries and well-maintained. So, what to speak of new properties that are coming up? 

Hyderabad offers ample opportunities to invest in residential and commercial properties. With new startups in place and more MNCs opening their offices in Hyderabad, commercial real estate finds high demand. Parallel to commercial real estate, residential real estate gets a boost. 

Many non-locals settle down in the city with their families or buy property to get profits from selling them apart from the local residents.

Hyderabad’s real estate investment hotspots

It’s an ideal time to invest in Hyderabad’s real estate at the moment. It started booming after a brief lull during the pandemic. 

The IT corridor in Cyberabad, the posh regions in Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills have been the object of real estate investment over the years. But this is slowly changing with the development of new localities such as Kompally and Chanda Nagar to meet future residential needs. Other investment hotspots include new housing areas like Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Vikarabad and Shamshabad. 

Also, affordable home loan offerings are on the rise.

Why does Hyderabad’s real estate look attractive to invest in now?

Robust infrastructure: A stable government promotes and encourages the development of new infrastructure that will help everyone. The right infrastructure makes it easy for residents to travel for work, shopping, entertainment and other activities. The 168 km long ORR is a boon to Hyderabad’s residents with easy and congestion-free access to the IT hub, airport and residential hubs. 

Relief from GST issues: With the successful incorporation of the GST system by businesses, pricing or billing issues have come down. It gets favourable reviews, and developers get better tax benefits. Furthermore, developers can invest this into the development of better homes.

Political stability: This matters a lot to potential investors. With a stable government in place, developers have been investing in state-of-the-art projects that appeal to customers with different tastes. Also, government policies favour real-estate development.

Quality of life: The city offers a high standard of living in the country, including facilities, security, and women’s safety. 

Upcoming projects: Many new projects and expansions of existing ones, such as metro, subway, expressways, etc., will take off soon. They promise to enhance connectivity, provide better facilities and beautify the city. 

Therefore, we say that Hyderabad is a very promising metro city to invest your hard-earned money in. Ubuntu, from the Sukhii Group, is an exciting signature project that promises a new experience. Whether you’re settling down or investing for profits, Ubuntu ticks all the boxes. Contact us today!

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