Realise your Dream Home in the Heart of Puppalaguda

Gated community apartments are becoming increasingly popular everywhere. Hyderabad is no exception to this. It is the second most prominent city for IT in India, where people come and reside from all over India and even the world. Gated community apartments have many advantages compared to the old standalone-style apartments. That is, they imbibe a sense of security and togetherness usually seen in joint families. They could also be called the Joint families of the modern age.  

These communities have features and amenities not found even in joint families. They come loaded with amenities to make your life easier and help create long-lasting relationships. 

Luxury apartment offerings have been on the rise in Hyderabad. This is due to the increased demand for a safe gated community living standard from the local people and outsiders. 

Ubuntu: Your very own community

One among them is our Ubuntu offering from our very own Sukhii group. While there are many luxury apartments in Hyderabad, Ubuntu is a signature project which is designed to apply the term ‘Community’ in its true sense. Ubuntu means ‘I am who I am because of who we all are.’ Hence, this term imbibes a deep understanding of human relationships which forms a community. This comes from a company with experience in delivering many successful projects over the years. Placed in the heart of Puppalaguda near the Financial District, Ubuntu is a place where you find everything that is important to you. To clarify, whether you’re catching a flight, travelling out of the city, going shopping, etc., everything is just a hop away. Also, do not forget that important workspaces and international schools for your kids are a step away. 

Designed in and around 3 towers of 36 Storeys with 2/3/4 BHK unit sizes, let’s have a look at what makes Ubuntu so attractive:

  1. A minimum of 80% space to do all that you need.
  2. Hyderabad’s first Skydeck at the height of 400 feet.
  3. Highly sustainable architecture and way of living.
  4. Fully corner flats for maximum cross-ventilation. Feel the sunshine in every corner of your home.
  5. Pre-IGBC Platinum-rated for a highly efficient design.
  6. Close proximity to top schools, major companies, ORR, Airport, etc.

The Ubuntu Amenities

Ubuntu offers more than 70 amenities which will mesmerize you. Hence, you can look forward to a well-spent time.

Indoor Amenities:

  1. Temperature controlled pool
  2. Indoor Yoga facilities.
  3. Grand entrance lounge in each tower.
  4. Multi-purpose dining and party hall.
  5. Co-working space with a private conference room
  6. Supermarket for your essentials.
  7. Indoor Bowling Alley.
  8. Creche for your kids while you take a walk, jog, and catch up with neighbors.

Outdoor Amenities:

  1. Sand-Pit for kids to bond with nature.
  2. Pets corner.
  3. Aromatic & Butterfly gardens.
  4. Party lawns with pool.

& Much More.

Well, this isn’t the end of the list. Rather, a glimpse into what Ubuntu offers. All of this will find its true meaning when you become a part of the Ubuntu community. We are sure that Ubuntu will make your heart skip a beat. Connect with us to know more before you miss this golden opportunity right in the heart of Hyderabad. Visit us at 

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