For the 6th Time, Hyderabad Emerges As the Best City to Live in India.

best city to live in india

It’s a matter of pride for Hyderabad to get the honour of being the best city to live in India for the 6th time in a row. With access to good infrastructure, world-class housing units, rising job opportunities, world-class shopping and entertainment options, etc., Hyderabad is set to grow even further. The Mercer’s Quality of Living (City Ranking) for 2023 puts Hyderabad at a ranking of 153 among global cities. 

Though a drop from a ranking of 143 in 2019, it maintains a lead over other cities surpassing Pune (154), Bengaluru (156), Chennai (161), Mumbai (164), Kolkata (170) and New Delhi (172). The Quality of Living ranking takes into account factors such as political stability, education opportunities, healthcare, infrastructure and socio-cultural environment.

The Mercer report also puts Hyderabad at 202 among 227 cities globally for affordable and quality living. It takes into account how expatriate employees and families can find opportunities and lead a safe and comfortable life. Hyderabad attracts people from all over the country and abroad.

On hearing about the survey, the former Telangana State Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) Mr. K. T. Rama Rao had tweeted “Hyderabad is yet again rated as the best Indian city by Mercer. This is the 6th time since 2015. Congratulations to all Hyderabadis”

Migrants favour Hyderabad

People coming to Hyderabad for job opportunities say that the city attracts them also for the comfort it provides them. 

Nitin Nigam, a software developer who shifted here from Delhi says “ If I have to choose one thing that made us move to Hyderabad, it is the low cost of living conducive to a comfortable lifestyle. We can save well, there are abundant green spaces and above all, the pollution levels are way lesser than that of Delhi.” (Source: TOI)

Also, the city plays host to many international students. One such is Nuramon Duvruqov from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He came here in 2022 to pursue his graduation in Economics, Public Administration & Political Sciences. 

In his words “I had Bengaluru, Delhi and Hyderabad as options. However, after connecting with other international students, all roads lead to Hyderabad. The city instantly felt like home to me, offering good education, friendly locals, convenient travel, and a budget-friendly cost of living. What more could one ask for?” (Source: TOI)

Embracing the demand for new housing units in Hyderabad

With the latest ranking for Hyderabad post the COVID pandemic period, the city is witnessing a rising demand for new housing units from the local and migrant population. The city provides housing units that blend Indian ethos, values and architecture with world-class amenities. As of now, a price rise accompanies the rising demand. But after all, it’s all worth the life that the city offers.

Therefore, Hyderabad continues to grow in an assuring and steady manner that defies its old image.  So, whether you look forward to buying a home for living or just to invest it is best city to live in India.

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