What is the Average maintenance cost for a Gated Community in Hyderabad?

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Gated community is the new norm in metros and tier-1 cities. It enables people with similar interests to live in a community setting. Building complexes reduce the need for more land. 

Gated communities could be regular houses, villas or apartment complexes. They have a thriving mini-ecosystem of their own. The city of Hyderabad is no different from its counterparts in India. 

Gated communities come with many advantages in the form of amenities and special features. They keep the community members engaged and help them in their daily activities. This could be in the form of a supermarket, ATM, sports court, children’s playground and much more. Not to forget the safety and security of a gated community.

But living in a gated community requires you to regularly pay a maintenance cost. This cost calculation happens according to the size of the house, villa or apartment. Hence, prices are calculated per square foot. Maintenance costs cover the maintenance of amenities and common facilities in the community. 

This includes the community roads, gardens, lifts, garbage collection, clubhouse and more. Hence, the maintenance costs will be the total of your home size, amenities offered, including security services and the locality you live in. More upscale localities imply more maintenance costs.

General maintenance costs 

  1. Service charges: Security, garbage collection, parks & garden maintenance, swimming pool, play areas, etc., charges.
  2. Maintenance of lifts: For smooth operation of lifts, they must undergo checks and maintenance by the relevant company experts.
  3. Water charges: External water tankers when there is a shortage of borewell water or municipal water.
  4. Electricity charges: All common area lighting charges are included.
  5. Parking space charges: In apartment complexes, parking space allotment to each apartment depends on the number of vehicles.
  6. Non-occupancy charges: When an apartment is not occupied, charges will be applied at 10 % of service charges.
  7. Sinking fund: This fund sees the community through emergency periods.
  8. Any extra charges for extra facilities available.

Maintenance charges in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, maintenance costs vary between ₹2 to ₹25, depending on the various factors discussed earlier. As per the Telangana High Court ruling in January 2021, maintenance costs can be charged based on flat size. Regions such as Cyberabad witness high maintenance costs. These costs increase with time due to factors such as increases in fuel prices to run generators, salary hikes to community maintenance staff, an increase in water and electricity charges by the government and other expenses. 

You could expect average maintenance costs of around ₹5000/month in Hyderabad. Hence, your choice of home and locality should be finalised after a thorough study and analysis of the maintenance costs that you’ll incur. Also, this includes the costs that you would incur in the future.

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