The next big thing in Real Estate – PropTech


PropTech is becoming a hot word in real estate. It automates tasks which usually consume time. The real estate sector has been generally slow in the adoption of technology compared to other industries. 

It must be said that technology has been used here since the 80s, such as the use of office productivity tools like Excel. The dot com bubble moved most of the real estate listings online. However, the COVID-19 pandemic gave a much-needed boost to the use of advanced technology in real estate. 

This includes the use of home automation systems or smart building management systems apart from online property listings. You can even take a tour of your potential dream home in AR/VR before a site visit or purchase decision. Additionally, other applications include managing shared living spaces, rental homes, payment of rent & utility bills, extracting data from lengthy property agreements and much more. The applications of PropTech keep on increasing year on year. 

This is where Sree Sumeru makes its mark in the real estate sector. A project from the well-known Sukhii Group, it is one of our latest premium projects that incorporates 30+ amenities and deploys smart systems to automate homes and manage the complex. So, Sumeru’s use of PropTech is being hailed as a very innovative step in the real estate industry in Hyderabad. 

Use of PropTech in Sumeru

Hence, as part of its sustainable living goals and to automate tasks, Sumeru will deploy smart home automation systems and smart building management systems. So, let’s have a quick look.

Firstly, Smart Home Automation Systems:

  • Automated lighting & fans
  • Scene based controls
  • Voice controls
  • Scheduling & automation of scenes
  • Remote access
  • Seamless integration of existing technology
  • Smartphone & tablet controls
  • Smart appliances

Secondly, Smart Building Management Systems 

  • Universal design
  • HCFC free equipment
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Wastewater treatment & reuse
  • Water efficient fixtures
  • Highly optimised structural design
  • Efficient lighting systems
  • Energy metering systems
  • 40 % landscape design
  • Alternative construction materials
  • Ample daylighting
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives & materials
  • Green housekeeping facilities
  • Local & eco-labelled materials
  • Adequate fresh air & cross-ventilation
  • Red brick wall construction
  • Electric Vehicle charging points

The smart home solutions that will be deployed in Sumeru will be on par with the best in the market. Therefore, Sumeru is designed to offer you a truly premium living experience while co-existing in harmony with its surroundings. 

When most of your daily tasks become automated, you’ll definitely find time for other activities such as reading, catching up with friends/neighbours, spending time with family, going shopping and more. It could also be a quiet walk within the Sumeru complex. 

PropTech is the way forward.

So, PropTech is all set to revolutionise your lifestyle. Apart from easing your complex tasks, it will also bring in transparency and accountability in real estate matters related to billings, payments, property agreements and more. Also, a mobile app can help manage all your utility bill payments, raise service requests, subscribe to a community service, etc. 

Hence, we have seen the wide applications and benefits of PropTech. With PropTech being integral to the Sumeru complex, your lifestyle is all set to undergo a revolution. This assurance comes from the house of the Sukhii Group, a highly trusted real estate company in Hyderabad. Your dream home at Sukhii Sumeru is only a call away.

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