Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Home as a Pet Owner

purchasing a home as a pet owner

Purchasing a home as a pet owner requires thorough research. Firstly, we wish you all the best if you’re planning to buy a new home. Apartments built today have far better facilities for accommodating pets, unlike those built years ago. Even housing societies have become pet-friendly.

When you have a pet, it’s part of your family and, hence, requires enough care. This includes food, staying quarters, freedom to move about and even a play space to walk or run around freely. 

Every housing society has pet laws. Hence, you should study them thoroughly before you make your purchase decision. This includes points such as causing no disturbance to fellow apartment mates, tidying up after walks and many more. 

Keep your pet bio-ready before purchasing a home.

Your pet bio can include your pet’s name, registration information, vaccination history, city corporation tag, regular activities, toilet habits, details of veterinarians and their friendliness with humans. 

This helps you in a scenario where your housing society demands it.

Laws you must know before purchasing a home as a pet owner
  • Banning pets in housing societies is illegal
  • No ban on pets according to breed or size
  • No ban on pets from using common facilities
  • Defining a time when pets can access gardens, parks, etc
  • Pets must always be accompanied by their owners
  • Compulsory maintenance of vaccination records
  • Designation of feeding spots
  • Designation of defecation spots
What factors should you keep in mind when purchasing a home as a pet owner?
  • Spacious homes: A must-have! A spacious home gives your pets enough place to roam around and play freely. It helps them become stress-free.
  • Open & green spaces: Green areas in your community complex give your pets an opportunity to play and roam around without worries. This is helpful in maintaining their physical and mental health, too. Your pets will love you for this opportunity as it helps them relax and be at ease. This helps you and your neighbours too.
  • Ubuntu’s dedicated Pet Corner will definitely help your pet unwind.
  • Location: A good location helps you and your pet. You could take your pet for a walk in your locality or easily get access to pet supplies, veterinary doctors, etc. 
  • Security: You must feel at ease when you have a pet. Hence, a secure home will help you minimise the risk of danger to your pet.
  • Pet-friendly features also help your pets unwind. They help them get a good view of the outside, take a nap, sunbathe, or play with you.
  • Pet-friendly societies help you access more resources and services and help build better social connections.

Hence, with a little extra effort, you can ensure a great time with your furry friends. This also reduces the stress arising from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you’re planning to purchase your dream pet-friendly apartment, you’re at the perfect place. Hence, Ubuntu’s pet-friendly culture makes it the ideal place for pet parenting. Call us today for more details. Visit our website Sukhii Group.

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